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Erin Raise your Voice! And learn to sing with Erin Perry

Everybody can sing. The problem is, if you don't have the knowledge and skills that top professionals have, you can't bring out your best voice - your true voice. Erin wants to help you to Raise your voice & Learn to Sing!

After studying with the top vocal coaches that Los Angeles had to offer, plus orchestra and other musical training, Erin "hit the market" and went on to create a successful music career, both in the North America and Europe. Combining the best of what she has learned (Speech level singing & Bel Canto) along with her years of experience as a professional singer and vocal coach, Erin has developed her Raise your Voice technique.

Erin's Raise your Voice and Learn to Sing method is designed to help you build a healthy and balanced voice, including a strong 'mix', thereby allowing you to discover your most powerful and beautiful voice; for whatever styles of music you choose to sing; Pop, rock, gospel, musicals, R&B, jazz and country.

Private classes are taught in a quiet, professional and comfortable atmosphere in Erin's home studio in Munich, Germany. Students are encouraged to record their classes.

For information about rates or to book a class, please contact Erin at
or call 0049 173 461 8837.

Basic Class Subjects include
  • Proper breathing for singers
  • Healthy warm-ups & practice routines
  • Resonance & tone quality
  • Development of 'Mix'
  • Expanding your range
  • Developing self confidence

For more advanced students
  • Audition preparation
  • Song interpretation
  • Harmony singing
  • Microphone technique
  • Stage presentation
  • Repertoire building
  • Career development
Erin also offers workshops for singers. Past workshops have included "Set up to Zugabe - Performance Workshop for Singers", "The Gospel Workshop Series" and "Introduction to Improvisational Singing".

Here is what some of Erin's students have to say about her:

"Over my years of voice coaching with Erin, I improved not only in singing technique and musicality, but also in all-round performance. Erin teaches you how to embrace your own voice and use it as effectively as possible. Training with an all-round pro like Erin helped me develop my love for singing as well as my confidence in myself as an artist. And if it's not enough that she is one of best singers you've ever heard, on top of that she is simply a brilliant friend and a joy to be around!
Lucas Koch

"Gefühlt angefangen bei Null, hat Erin mir durch individuell zugeschnittene Übungen zu ersten Erfolgen verholfen. Jetzt, nach gut zwei Jahren, denke ich sogar darüber nach, mit meiner Stimme aufzutreten. Singen lernen geht also doch! :-)"
Daniel Barth

"Erin hat eine schöne Weise, den Anfängern zu erklären, welchen Part man als Circle Sänger einnehmen kann... Wir sind beseelt."
Elvira Steppacher, Jam Radar' E Magazine/Blog

"Thank you very much Erin from the bottom of my heart ... I could never get to where I am now without your irreplaceable guidance".
Rocco Sferruzza Touring musician

"Rickie lee geht's prima auf der Tour. Keine Heiserkeit, keine Aussetzer... es war echt sehr wichtig, dass sie vorher bei dir war!! Vielen dank für deine Hilfe!
Rickie Lee Kroell Management Recording & Touring artist

"Thanks again for a really great work shop! You are such a wonderful teacher and I learned quite a bit. I was definitely stretched."
Sommer Forschner Singer

Coming up...
Congratulations to (my now 'graduated') student Lucas Koch for landing a featured roll in London's Westend hit "Crazy For you" - wow!

And to my student Eva S for getting accepted into her University music program of choice.

And to every student who is performing, recording and doing their thing - well done!
In person classes with Erin are available again!
And On-line classes continue to be available.